Therefore Press Start Streaming”: How To Use Wolfcam To Watch Quake Live Demos And Record Quake Live Vods

 In this folder look, there’s one more called demos. We really need to obtain our own, mostly there’re some demo files already in there for you to watch. Wolfcam can record video files of demos, however the files it creates are bulky and huge and it’s not exactly a practical solution to create VODs.

We’re intending to stream to the desktop … which basically means to create video files locally without streaming to the internet, give that a download, it’s a free program generally used for streaming on websites like

For recording the VODs for our Lagserv VODs YouTube channel, we use a program called Open Broadcaster Software. You must also note that this directory is created by actually having a Quake Live account and having downloaded all the maps previously. You can also just copy and paste the thing and replace your username. You can find more info about this stuff here.

You have to give it access to the Quake Live maps, when Wolfcam has installed.

  If you use explorer to navigate to \Users\, you’ll find that So there’s no AppData folder.

Use the address bar at the p of the window and actually type in \AppData and you can continue to navigate through the folders, when you arrive to this directory.

Navigate toC.\Users\\AppData\LocalLow\id Software\quakelive\baseqThis is a bit tricky. It’s hidden. A well-known fact that is. Now look, the p part of OBS will show a preview of what it’s recording. Let me ask you something. Things look okay?

   Play with your settings, I’d say if not.

Press Start Streaming.

Double check whether QUAKE or Game Capture or whatever you named I know it’s checked in the Sources box. You may also seek for to adjust the audio levels of your recording at this time. ‘right click’ Game Capture/Quake or whatever you named it, go to Position/Size, and click Fit to Screen, if the window in OBS looks really strange. You’re ready to start recording VODs, Therefore in case so. This is the case. Open Wolfcam back up and run the demo for a bit. Close Wolfcam, press Stop Streaming in OBS, find the.mp4 file that was created and check it out. Anyways, in the wolfcamql9 dot 11 folder, double click wolfcamql.exe and you going to be greeted by a screen that looks just like this. Now that we have a demo, the Quake Live maps, and Wolfcam to actually play the demos, shall we try it out!

Most important thing to remember.

Maybe just make a shortcut to that directory on your desktop so it’s convenient to access.

You will have to add/update the maps manually. Then, watch out for changes to maps or new maps being introduced. We use a program called Wolfcam which we find much easier and ergonomic than watching the demos in Quake Live itself. Watching Quake Live demos is a fairly straightforward thing to do. Link to download the program isright here. For the most part there’s thispost on the Quake Live forumsoutlining the basics of the program. Basically the version that we use is a modified version of This download should yield a folder called, let’s say,wolfcamql9.Place that folder wherever you seek for. My folder is on my desktop. Next, in thewolfcamql9 dot 11 folder, navigate to the wolfcam ql folder. You can find more information about it here. In this folder there’s a special one called demos.

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